Public sale guide

STAKD Finance
2 min readFeb 22, 2021
Public sale guide

💎 STAKD Public sale contract:

Website for the public sale:

Step 1

Wait for the sale to start on Tuesday, 23rd February at 4 PM UTC. This is how the website looks like before the public sale goes live

Before the sale is live

Step 2

Once the public sale starts and the contributions open the grey Coming soon ribbon changes to a blue Live now! ribbon and a Buy button appears. Click on the buy button to participate.

When the sale is live

Step 3

After you click on the buy button a pop up window will appear. Enter the amount of BNB you wish to contribute and click on confirm.

Pop up window.

Step 4

Metamask should now pop up. Press confirm and wait for the transaction to go through. Voila, you have successfully participated in the public sale!
(The transaction will consume an estimated amount of 50k — 70k of GAS. These values were derived from the tests that the Developers did.)

Metamask window

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